“Felix Omar’s Men’s Grooming Studio is an upbeat, positive barber shop with master barbers who obviously have a calling and love what they do. Maybe that’s why the Media rates them at the best at it!.When you live in a high-pressure town like Los Angeles, sometimes all it takes to make everything right is an old-school hot menthol-toweled straight razor shave!”

Tom Kenny voice of “Sponge Bob”

“I’ve been searching for the “perfect cut” since I left the military in 1974. It took 35 years, but I found it at Felix Omar Men’s grooming studio, I kid you not, after climbing out of the barbers chair in 2009. Has never missed a month since.”

Steven Krammer

“Felix, Best shaves and best talks, you’re the Man.”

Shia Labeouf

“I have been getting straight razor shaves for the past two years. I have had shaves all over the world and I believe this to be the best shave I have ever had. Thanks!!”

Marty Fontaine

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